Almost like winning the lottery…..

…….in reverse. At about noon, Pete got half hour old message from Se#rs that the truck was trying to deliver appliances, but noone was there to sign for them. Of course, Ray was at the house. It turns out the truck tried to deliver to the other new house, on the lot next to ours. Pete called back and there was no guarantee that the appliances would make it today. We stressed and fretted. I called the manager of Appliances at our local Se#rs and asked him to intercede on our behalf, and apparently, people felt bad because Pete got a message that the appliances would be delivered between 2-4 today. (The truck came back.)

Pete called Ray and Ray said that the appliances were in. Pete said “Good news” and Ray said “Well…”

The stove looks like it was dropped out of an airplane. The microwave was either in someone’s house or a floor model. The dishwashers’s legs were splayed open like it was dropped as well. The refrigerator seems fine (though we need to check the sides for scratches). The refrigerator is the only non K#nmore appliance of the bunch.We went to Se#rs after we inspected the appliances (Pete may insert more details later about their condition)

I will just say that if you imagine the stove as a fancy cube (because that’s basically what it is–a cube the heats up on the inside and also projects jets of blue fire from one of its sides), then you should also be able to imagine a cube displaying some level of damage on all six faces. It really does look like it actually rolled off of a truck or fork lift. The dishwasher was probably the best of the three damaged appliances, because all of the damage was limited to the bottom of the “cube”. It looks as if it was lifted about 4-6 feet off the ground and then just dropped. The small height adjustable screw feet used to balance the base were splayed outward so that they were almost 90 degrees out of position. If it wasn’t so sad, the microwave box would have been hilarious. Ray waited for us to arrive before opening it, because the outside of the box was in such a curious condition. One side had many small pieces of broken glass embedded in it along with a dime (which at some point point had been on edge relative to the box face) which was sitting half way into the box! When we opened the box, it was clear there was a problem. The packing foam had been designed to hold the glass turn table for the microwave, but there was no turntable to be found. There was also no instruction manual, no shelf, no intake filters and there was a nice dent on the right side panel. Nope, not good at all. They tried to deliver this junk to the house next door twice–the first time there was clearly some communication problem, but after I had given a description of the house (our gray versus the light green of the other house) it was almost funny when Ray told me they called his cell phone from the drive way next door and asked him to come out of the house and open the door so they could begin unloading. After all the trouble we had getting them to the house, to find out 75% of the appliances were significantly damaged was very disappointing. What a long day.

All the three appliance people were very friendly and arranged for the demolished appliances to be picked up and new ones to be delivered on Saturday. Like the lottery.

At home, we learned that the electric company was planning to turn us off on the 7th instead of the 10th, so I have to call them. The gas hook-up will have to be rescheduled as well.

Good news though- the stairs and railing (the parts that are up) are beautiful. Ray is amazing.

4 thoughts on “Almost like winning the lottery…..

  1. josie schlax

    So far you have had good luck, just hang in there. You have to have something to tell your grandkids.

  2. Jeff

    See, now THIS seems like a reason to be pissed. Good luck with returning/replacing everything. I bet the delivery people were the same ones that moved us into our house in Ct. 😉


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