Balloon Festival 2005

N is pretty sick, but this evening, after dinner, I took the girls up Mt. David on the Bates campus to watch the evening balloon launch. Even Matty went with us. The balloons were amazing as always. Looking West and South, we saw them launch from town, and they headed North and a little East to land near the house. In the last pic you can see one (our front porch is in the foreground.)

In this one, the girls are watching them head North towards our house. A few are in the background going towards our old neighborhood.

They launch in Railroad Park, right on the Androscoggin. Here is a view towards the launch site. Humidity is about 80% today, so the fog/haze was really bad.

I like this posed picture. One of the girls’ favorite balloons (with moons and stars decorating it) is above them.

Here is the balloon that was closest to the house. At least 5 were within half a mile, maybe more. If N wasn’t sick, we would have walked over. She is definitely my balloon partner.
N is not really feeling much better, but I think she was glad to get outside for the 30-45 minutes we were out.

4 thoughts on “Balloon Festival 2005

  1. Jacque

    Glad to hear that the “Lunchmeat” girl is feeling better! I suggest that she have some ice cream to chase away the ills. The pictures of the balloons were great. Love the constant update that your site provides. Love, Dad.

  2. Donna

    Ice cream is very soothing on a sore throat! S needs some too. It helps when sisters share in the remedy. You get well faster.


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