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In The Air

Its that time of year again… Love is in the air. Share this special day with your…MARTEN???! We found some weird animal tracks, we decided to investigate. (It was a marten.)It turns out that cupid isn’t a cherub he’s a marten. I figured this out because he,the special guest, came just in time for the holiday spirit. I think he has a thing for our backyard!

First Floor

The first floor is in- oak colored and grained laminate in the grown-ups bedroom. We hoped to crank two out today, but there was a pesky closet to work through, the wrong reducer that had to be returned and replaced and about an hour of setting up saws to use. Ray lent us all of his saws so we didn’t need to bring over the table saw or miter or.. The floor looks pretty good. This stuff was clickX, and was pretty easy to work with. Last time we used Witex which really is quite directional in its installation- here we could move left or right, forward or backwards as necessary. It made the closet easier.

S and N watched a movie on the lap top and they also did a bit of arts and crafts and coloring. They snowshoed for about 45 minutes and saw a couple of holes in the snow with tracks emanating from them. I am not good enough with winter tracks to identify the two I saw- but N is pretty certain she saw turkey tracks further back (likely) and they definitely saw deer tracks. Its the smaller mammals that are hard.