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What’s the big deal about the drumming?

For a lot of you, I’m sure you’ve asked yourselves “What’s up with a grown man deciding to take up drumming? What’s the big deal? What’s up with all the time in the basement mancave sequestered away from the wife and kids?”

This should shed a little light…

But not so much this (still love the Cadbury, though):

The practice pays off…..

Pete has been working on a song for 3 weeks. He’s gotten pretty good.

HERE is a recording of Pete’s drum part alone. Can anyone guess what the song is? (Note- the first 30 seconds or so are rests, so the drum part is silent.)

Any guesses? At all?

HERE is Pete on the drum kit with the backing song. Any guesses now?

In addition to Pete’s great drumming, he recorded himself and did the editing. Our new computer is working well.

We went and saw Coraline today (not in a 3D theater though because I can’t really see in 3D with the glasses and everyone loves me). The stop motion animation is superb. I enjoyed it a lot- but- the book is better. Especially the audio version read by Neil Gaiman himself.

Sounds of Drumming

Here is a link to a sound file I (Pete) recorded while practicing today. It’s not super exciting and I’m still pretty bad, but I’ve read from several drummers that it’s a good idea to record and playback your practice sessions. This lets you hear where you need to work. I imagine it’s more useful when you don’t need to work a lot on everything. The description of what I’m doing (or trying to do) in the recording is for your benefit. I don’t normally talk to myself like that. I’ll also say that knowing I’m being recorded only adds to the suckiness. By Thursday, all should be a lot smoother.

Anyway, this is where I am now. In a year, it should be a LOT better…Below is a picture of the drum kit. For the fills you hear, I travel from the snare drum (the one with the sticks) and then up in a clockwise route to the mounted toms above the base/kick drum and the floor tom. The high hats are the smaller of the 2 cymbal sets on the left. I don’t use the crash cymbal (the bigger one) in this practice.