Pete is drumming in this video. The microphone doesn’t really capture the depth or loudness of the sound.

Both kids will be back in school. Yay. N never got too bad. S is still recovering. She had some cough medicine tonight and her voice is off.

8 thoughts on “Drumming

  1. Jacque

    Very good! Looks like Pete is ready to go on tour. Glad to hear the girls are getting better.

  2. Donna

    Pete, Did you play in high school? You obviously have had some training. Good job. Glad the girls are feeling better.

  3. Art

    Cool – now Pete just needs to get a big blonde mullet and lycra tights in wild colors and he’s ready for the next head bangin’ tour 🙂

  4. PjS

    Pete said- “No training- that’s what that fancy book learnin does.”

    I am looking forward to the tights. Just not the normal fate of drummers in bands.

  5. peter schlax

    I know that song. Ijust cant think of the title off hand very good son I think its grate Dad

  6. Art

    Send some of that precip this way – we’re looking at possible drought conditions this year 🙁


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