Father’s Day activities

Pete and I (mostly Pete) made a lot of patio progress. There is still a lot to do, but, fortunately, I go to my real job tomorrow. I was supposed to have jury duty, but the people settled out of court.

The girls played in the sprinkler, talked to Uncle Mike, Aunt Liz, E and J, and then spent about an hour putting ice down each others back. They were really good today.

4 thoughts on “Father’s Day activities

  1. Jacque

    The work shows and it looks great. Also thanks for the pictures of the girls. Love you all, Dad.

  2. Art

    Wow – Pete, uh, I mean both of you :-), is making real progress on that patio. Remind me to invite ya out when we need to rebuild our deck…

  3. Mike

    The patio progress is incredible! Great to talk to all of you. And running around in the sprinkler and putting ice down backs sounds like a great way to spend a hot Sunday…

  4. josie schlax

    The patio looks great. I had to look twice at the picture of N by her self. She reminded me of Denny. S has done that before but never N. Mom


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