From N

who is your favorite baseball player I got a johnny bench card in cracer jacks. I love you. happy birthday uncle Jeff.

9 thoughts on “From N

  1. Judy

    I’ll get everyone started by saying My favorite player is anyone who played on the Big Red Machine during the 70’s. But especially PETE ROSE.

  2. pjs

    Although Pete Rose had my vote ages ago, I think I have to say I like Cal Ripken Jr best now. He was a great team player. I doubt he used steroids. I also really like Mike Mussina even though he was a traitor to the O’s.

  3. Nine

    Ernie Banks – even though he was a cub. Thought I’d pick a Pirates palyer didn’t ya???!!

  4. peter schlax

    I dont follow baseball and the only person who would throw the old ball with me is your dad so I’ll pick him

  5. josie

    Since no one else will vote for him in the hall of fame I guess I’ll have to vote for Nelly Fox. Josie


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