Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s days to our Moms. our God-mothers, Grandmas and Great Grandma… Especially Happy 1st Mother’s day to Liz and to Wendy! We’ll get on the phone tonight.

Yesterday, all sporting events rained out, we went to a camp on Lake Pleasant with Wendy, Jean and K and their friends, Jon, Lori and J. K is 8 months and was crawling and pretty definitely saying Dadda when she wanted Jean. She slept best on his shoulder, but did allow S and N to crawl around with her and to hold her. A is nearly 3 and really creative. We had last seen her chasing a ball in and out of the mud, and this time she was playing helicopter and dancing around. S and N both read to her and colored with her as good potential babysitters. I have to say that my girls showed a lot of poise. There was a ton of food there. Jean made chips, I made guacomole and strawberry ice cream, Pete made maple walnut scones and we ate a lot. It was really fun (as always) and we hope to do more with all of them. Perhaps a Seadogs game….

After church, Pete has a few tasks for him, but, with more rain, I plan steal the girls to do something fun (perhaps a movie or a little rainy fishing if the rain is light). The girls went all out and got me a beautiful card, a pottery (violet colored [ avoiding a Judy color correction]) birdfeeder, and Mary’s Candy (espresso truffles freatured prominently).

3 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. josie schlax

    Happy Mother’s Day to you. I loved the flowers. You can never get too many. The lilics are in bloom now and smell great. I don’t know why we have winter unless it’s to make us appreciate the flowers more when we have them.

  2. Donna

    Happy Mother’s Day to you, too. Dad put up my wind chimes. I love them. My mouth is watering just thinking of Pete’s scones. Next year, they may have to replace pierogies. They would be easier to ship. Have a good day with the girls. And keep Pete busy with chores.

  3. Denny

    Those espresso truffles sound really good. I have two Godiva’s in the freezer. MMMM..
    such good kids you have. I have to yell at my friends daughter for not even getting my friend a card.


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