Here are a few pics of the appliances delivered yesterday

Last night after we got back from Se#rs and had a chance to think about the fact that 3 of the 4 appliances delivered were damaged, I decided that the refrigerator needed a closer look in the morning. I didn’t want them to come for the others and THEN find out that there was a problem with the fridge. Sure enough after rolling the fridge out of its cubby hole, we found that the left rear corner was bent out of shape. So it turns out they were 4 for 4. Here are some pics of the damaged appliances:

The refrigerator:


The stove:


The dishwasher:


and last, but certainly the funniest, the box for the microwave (I won’t bother posting pics of the microwave…):


Crazy, man.

The short story is that we went back to Se#rs this morning with these (and more) pics and all they were willing to do was remove the old appliances and bring new on Saturday. I told the manager that I was very surprised that there was no discussion of some other kind of compensation for the major inconvenience and he said that we would need to talk to the “delivery company”. Nice. I told him straight out that I would go to the other appliance suppliers in town, tell them our story and if they could even simply meet the Se#rs price with comparable goods, we would cancel the delivery part of Saturday’s transaction. Not so much as a “let me see what I can do”.

So I went to another appliance warehouse in town, told the owner my story and we will now be getting all Amana appliances. The refrigerator was the real deal breaker and they could get what we wanted and, although we won’t get an extended service contract for the dishwasher, the overall price was a little lower than what we paid at Se#rs. The oven is not as nice, but it’s still pretty darn nice. I hope that’s the end of this story…

One thought on “Here are a few pics of the appliances delivered yesterday

  1. Art Stine

    Jeez – It looks like they airdropped your appliances out the back of a military transport or something… ugh. We had some problems with Sears as well on a delivery of a fridge a couple years ago, but they resolved it w/ no hassles.



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