In The Air

Its that time of year again… Love is in the air. Share this special day with your…MARTEN???! We found some weird animal tracks, we decided to investigate. (It was a marten.)It turns out that cupid isn’t a cherub he’s a marten. I figured this out because he,the special guest, came just in time for the holiday spirit. I think he has a thing for our backyard!

5 thoughts on “In The Air

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  2. Grandma Donna

    Are you SURE it’s not Cupid tracks??? Cupid showed up at our house today. There were tracks everywhere. I had to have Grandpa Jacque mop the floor. Then I took him out for dinner. (Grandpa Jacque – not Cupid.)

  3. Grandpa Jacque

    I think they were FAT CAT tracks! Happy Valentine’s Day sweetheart. Love Grandpa.


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