N is still sick, but on the mend finally. She has both a viral and a bacterial throat infection that is nasty- but the fever is down and the energy is up. Baby food is great when throats are sore.

Someone also got glasses this afternoon.

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  1. Grandma Donna

    N – Your glasses are really neat. I got my first pair when I was in third grade. Mine were not as cool as the ones you and S have.

  2. Denny

    N. those glasses are really cool. You can always remember when you got them, on E’s first b-day.

    Love you all,


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N. plays her second Baseball game

N. had her second Baseball game today. She was supposed to play last Saturday too, but her game (and S.’s lacrosse game) was rained out.

N. played a great game and continues to improve. In her first game last week, PJ took a pair of short movies with the camera. Now that the new computer is assembled, I have been playing with the video editing software again (we upgraded to the next version). In particular, I’ve been using the new mpeg-4 compression plugin. This is a nifty piece of software that allows us to compress video so that the files are much smaller while maintaining a higher level of video and sound quality.

My eventual goal is to figure out how to embed the video files in the blog such that when you visit the blog page, you will see a quicktime window with the first frame of the video visible in the player. When you choose to play the file, the video will play in the blog window. So far, I’ve had mixed success, but it’s not where I want it to be so we’ll have to just put the file here as a link that’s a movie of N.

To get the mpg4 file to play in quicktime, left click on the link above. A box will popup asking you what program you want to use to play the file. When I did this, “Mpeg4files default” was chosen. Left click on the blue down arrow to the right of this and choose “other”.

You should then see something that looks like this:

It might not look exactly like this, but the idea is to navigate to “my computer”, then the “C drive”, then the “programs” folder in the C drive, then the “quicktime” folder in the programs folder and finally choose the quicktime player .exe file. These steps should look something like this:

Program files folder on the C drive:

Quicktime folder in the Programs folder:

Quicktime player in the Quicktime folder:

After choosing the quicktime player, choose “open” and you will be kicked back to the initial window with “quicktime player” in the application window. Be sure to check the “Do this automatically for files like this from now on” box to avoid having to do this from now on.

Now every time you come to this blog and there is an mpeg 4 file link, you will only have to click on it and it should open up in a quick time window.

Ok, I’m sure this will cause all kinds of problems, so just call me when you want to see the video and I’ll walk you through this. It’s worth it, so get it done. 🙂

Here are a few pictures of N. playing today. This first pic is of N. tearing down the first base line after a hit. She was safe at first!

I really like the one with S. looking on. It’s pretty cool. She is a great big sister.

PJ likes this one a lot. N. is really focusing on the game!

One thought on “N. plays her second Baseball game

  1. Uncle Mike

    Well done N. It looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for the pics and video. Maybe we can play catch when we visit.


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