The practice pays off…..

Pete has been working on a song for 3 weeks. He’s gotten pretty good.

HERE is a recording of Pete’s drum part alone. Can anyone guess what the song is? (Note- the first 30 seconds or so are rests, so the drum part is silent.)

Any guesses? At all?

HERE is Pete on the drum kit with the backing song. Any guesses now?

In addition to Pete’s great drumming, he recorded himself and did the editing. Our new computer is working well.

We went and saw Coraline today (not in a 3D theater though because I can’t really see in 3D with the glasses and everyone loves me). The stop motion animation is superb. I enjoyed it a lot- but- the book is better. Especially the audio version read by Neil Gaiman himself.

8 thoughts on “The practice pays off…..

  1. Pete

    Thanks, Jacque.
    Its not really one of my favorite songs, but it is straight 4/4 time, fun to play and something I could learn in a reasonable amount of time. I hope that after a few songs, they come faster (and better :)). I drag a little in places and blow the ending, but its not too bad. I record some of my practices to be able to listen to what I need to work on. It was fun to be able to record an actual song and not just the 2 bar practice things I have had to play for so long.

  2. peter schlax

    and here i throught the song was happy birthday, can i really been so wrong. keep up the good work son you are really quite good.

  3. Jeff

    nice job Pete, interesting song choice. I was expecting a little Tom Sawyer from Rush 😉

  4. P Schlax Post author

    Dad, I tried that happy birthday song. Way too hard..:)

    Jeff, if I thought I could pull off any Rush song, I would have done it. But my instructor was pretty quick to tell me to keep it very simple for the first few songs. It was a pretty good day this weekend when I got through something as simple as an AC_DC song. It is really more of a major life goal to play a Rush song well (and I’d probably go for YYZ). But first lots more practice (and a few more cymbals…).

  5. Nine

    I didn’t think it would be fair if I guess since you told me you were learning an ACDC song :-).
    I think you did a great job!
    How about a Beatles tune? 🙂


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