Sunny News

See this cute puppy.


He just graduated from Canine Education class. He will start Obedience classes this summer.


I think he has at case of ADHD, “Oh, look a chicken.” :-)

6 Responses to “Sunny News”

  1. Liz Says:

    Where’s the cap and gown???? Congrats, Sweet Sunny! Good for you!! And good job, Pete!

  2. PjS Says:

    Wow- all grown up and graduating. He looks awesome. Does he behave as well at home as at school?

  3. Nine Says:

    Good Job Sunny!! Now if we just train Dad! :-)

  4. Pete Says:

    Good work Sunny! I will check out your new skills when we come out to visit this summer.

  5. Denny Says:

    Sunny was very excited last night. He knows what he is supposed to do but gets distracted easily. Hopefully the next class will help with that.

  6. PjS Says:

    Okay den- How about some news……

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