In answer to J9′s comment to my last post….

For those of you that may be saying,”Huh?”

 I came home tonight I did not have any cable. When I moved in to the apartment I was given one choice for cable. The dreaded C.( large cable company, don’t want law suit      :-)  ). I really do not like them.

If they were a good company I would not be so crabby , but they are a crap company. They give you fewer channels than any other cable company and charge you more than any other.

J9′s Commet, “Duh! Do you not remember my rant a couple of years ago when we got rid of C. and went to DTV. :-) Never again!!”

Yea, I do. I also remember trying to cancel for Mom & Dad. Recently Robin had a hassel trying to get it set up at the new house, someone climbed the pole and unhooked her cable. She found this out after several days, many phone calls and a lost vacation day.

Supposedly the complex has some agreement with C. (right). If  it is the building that is causing the problem then the apartment complex will be paying for the repairs since I only have one option for cable TV at this point (no antenna). If I need a new TV then I will get one, but I don’t think it is the TV (it works picture and all). It was working at 10:30 last night.

On a brighter note….
Since I did not have a TV to watch I walked around the block (w/o R & R), about a mile and 1/2 per Rich. Then I came home rearanged a few things and cleaned. I should sleep well tonight. When I calm down I will call C back and see about setting up a time for their contractors to come out and fix the problem. Yippeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. PjS Says:

    Some parts of the country only have 1 cable option for everyone……

    I;m glad you could post.

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