Flowers and Sunny’s 3rd Birthday

Hi all. Mom asked me to post some pictures of her many kinds of sunflowers. She wanted Pete to see the Orange Sunflower. I happen to like the rest and decided to share.





Also, not as big an event as Liz’s Birthday yesterday (hope you had a wonderful day). Sunny turns three today. I had a seminar to go to today so I stopped by yesterday to give him his gift. Yes I gave him a sock monkey, I thought N would appreciate it. This is how he was after Mom and I got back from Menards. We went to get a replacement strip for the floor between the living room and kitchen. Lee was nice enough to cut it to size for me due to me fear of circular saws (insert snickers here).

Also, Sunny no longer looks like a Redneck Yorkie Poo. A few weeks back he got into alot of burrs and Mom had to cut them from his hair. Poor puppy, He had bald spots all over himself. He actually looked kind of funny. :-)


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