Moving on up to the Eastside

I have taken pics and as soon as I find out where I put the camera I will post them.

The movers showed up at 8:15 and left at 11:15. Three hours. They where very nice, though I just found out they broke my desk. I will have to call tomorrow and make a claim. If that was the worst of the damage then I can deal (yes I am calm).

Rich spent the night Friday and helped me alot. Jnine, Lee, Robin, Mom, Dad, Gina and K all came over to help. Lee and Jnine got and installed blinds in the master bedroom for me. Robin became the unpacking task master. SHe really motivated us to move our butts. We thought that the garbage disposal did not work but Robin found the switch and it works great.

We found a pizza place close by that Jnine and Lee used to order from around 25 years go. It was deamed good by all and will be ordered again.

A big dent has been made putting everything away but it will take time.

Thank you Mom, Dad, Jeannine, Lee, Gina and everyone else for all of your help in getting to this point. I love you all and really appreciate it.

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