Ampac company picnic

Jeannine’s company had their annual picnic today. As usual I attended as her guest. The picnic was held at Randall Oakes Park. There was a petting zoo with many different animals and with some help from her coworkers she finally overcame her fear of touching a cow. I think that they may have bonded and would not be surprised is she decided to sponsor her new friend.




I made a Coconut layer cake for the baking contest that they hold each year. I should have taken a pic before I left the house but I didn’t. I had wanted a Coconut cake for a few months now. I made the one from Americas Test Kitchen. ATK has not failed me yet, I won 1st place. The son of one of J9′s coworkers actually scraped the remnents of the cake off the plate and told me it was the best thing he ever ate. This is what was left.


On another note, Maggie lied to me last night and told me that J9 & Lee didn’t feed her. She actually yelled at me to feed her twice. She lied to me. I have been defending her for years and she lied. Bad Maggie. :-)

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