1/2 Bath

I did not plans to keep the wallpaper in the half bath but I was in no rush to make the change. Several weeks ago Robin finally told me (with much encouragement) that she was afraid to use the half bath because it was claustrophobic and she was afraid the repetitive pattern would cause her to have a seizure. Knowing this I decided to take down the wallpaper. I have determined through this process (which was longer than it should have been) that I really dislike wallpaper and do not like painting in small confined spaces. I could not spend more than an hour or so at a time in there. I will never put wallpaper in this house again. Thank you Mom & Dad for loaning me your wallpaper steamer.

I was gong to paint it an off white but settled on a very lite blue. I painted the ceiling and heat vent white.

bathroom-5.jpg bathroom-6.jpg

Now it is not so claustrophobic or seizure inducing.


I then decided it was just to plain. I mentioned to Mom that I liked the idea of cherry blossoms painted on the wall as an accent. She told me that might end up to thick on the wall and make it difficult to repaint in the future. So I looked on Amazon and found some vinyl wall appliqués. I am pleased with how it turned out. Less flowers that before but not to plain.




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