Reilly went to the doctor last Saturday. He is healthy, Doc says he has a really goog strong heart. He goes back next month for his rabies shot. He has a parasite that is common in puppies and is on meds for six more days for that (takes them real well). He squiggled around alot so the best weight we could get is 3lb 14oz. Doc wants him to put on some weight so his daily food has been doubled.

He runs and runs then just stops. So funny. J9 says he lopes like an antelope, dear or something. He met the big dogs next door last weekend and they all seen to like each other.

He now sleeps on my pillow above my head and sleeps a little longer each night. Tuesday morning while coming down the upper stair to let him out I slipped and fell. Now I have a really nice deep tissue bruise on my left butt cheek. Reilly tried to kiss me and make it better.

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  1. PjS Says:

    He seems like a great pup. The parasites (worms etc) seem to come no matter what. Good to have him checked out.

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