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new shower

Friday, January 23rd, 2015










Window replacement

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013








Reilly checking them out (he approves)


Guess Reilly’s weight

Friday, March 8th, 2013

I am going to have Reilly weighed tomorrow. Anyone want to guess what it will? He was 5lb 7oz at the end of November.



Friday, October 26th, 2012

Reilly went to the doctor last Saturday. He is healthy, Doc says he has a really goog strong heart. He goes back next month for his rabies shot. He has a parasite that is common in puppies and is on meds for six more days for that (takes them real well). He squiggled around alot so the best weight we could get is 3lb 14oz. Doc wants him to put on some weight so his daily food has been doubled.

He runs and runs then just stops. So funny. J9 says he lopes like an antelope, dear or something. He met the big dogs next door last weekend and they all seen to like each other.

He now sleeps on my pillow above my head and sleeps a little longer each night. Tuesday morning while coming down the upper stair to let him out I slipped and fell. Now I have a really nice deep tissue bruise on my left butt cheek. Reilly tried to kiss me and make it better.

Meet Reilly

Sunday, October 14th, 2012

This is Reilly. Yorkie Poo born August 1st. Joined the Schlax clan 10/13/12 (on Uncle Rich’ 40th birthday).

Aunt Nine spoiled me with this really large stuffed dog and a couple of other real nice toys.

I will post more pics as I take them. He is taking a nap on the desk as I post this. :)

1/2 Bath

Saturday, April 7th, 2012

I did not plans to keep the wallpaper in the half bath but I was in no rush to make the change. Several weeks ago Robin finally told me (with much encouragement) that she was afraid to use the half bath because it was claustrophobic and she was afraid the repetitive pattern would cause her to have a seizure. Knowing this I decided to take down the wallpaper. I have determined through this process (which was longer than it should have been) that I really dislike wallpaper and do not like painting in small confined spaces. I could not spend more than an hour or so at a time in there. I will never put wallpaper in this house again. Thank you Mom & Dad for loaning me your wallpaper steamer.

I was gong to paint it an off white but settled on a very lite blue. I painted the ceiling and heat vent white.

bathroom-5.jpg bathroom-6.jpg

Now it is not so claustrophobic or seizure inducing.


I then decided it was just to plain. I mentioned to Mom that I liked the idea of cherry blossoms painted on the wall as an accent. She told me that might end up to thick on the wall and make it difficult to repaint in the future. So I looked on Amazon and found some vinyl wall appliqu├ęs. I am pleased with how it turned out. Less flowers that before but not to plain.




Thanksgiving & Christmas Lights

Friday, November 25th, 2011

Thankgiving was at Gina & Andy’s this year. I think everyone had fun. I did.

Jnine & Rich

Uncle David & Joseph deep frying the turkeys (very yummy).


Mona & Adreana eating the wings. They would not let Jeannine throw them away.



Today with help from Rich, Jeannine & Lee I put up my Christmas lights. I was very excited to do this on the house for the first time.









Ampac company picnic

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

Jeannine’s company had their annual picnic today. As usual I attended as her guest. The picnic was held at Randall Oakes Park. There was a petting zoo with many different animals and with some help from her coworkers she finally overcame her fear of touching a cow. I think that they may have bonded and would not be surprised is she decided to sponsor her new friend.




I made a Coconut layer cake for the baking contest that they hold each year. I should have taken a pic before I left the house but I didn’t. I had wanted a Coconut cake for a few months now. I made the one from Americas Test Kitchen. ATK has not failed me yet, I won 1st place. The son of one of J9′s coworkers actually scraped the remnents of the cake off the plate and told me it was the best thing he ever ate. This is what was left.


On another note, Maggie lied to me last night and told me that J9 & Lee didn’t feed her. She actually yelled at me to feed her twice. She lied to me. I have been defending her for years and she lied. Bad Maggie. :-)

Nuff said :-)

Friday, March 18th, 2011


La Casa Rosada

Monday, March 7th, 2011

Looking outside from the upstairs livingroom.
Looking outside from frontroom Looking Outside from the Livingroom 2

First gathering

Upstairs livingroom without carpet. It was so old they had to scrap up the padding and it turned to dust. It smelled so bad.

Upstairs livingroom without carpet

New carpet (much better)
new carpet 1 new carpet 2

Garage from house
Garage from house

Office area

Downstairs livingroom
Downstairs Livingroom

Rich in frontroom

Wood room
wood room 1

Ceiling of wood room :-) Gotta love it.
Ceiling of wood room

My room, yes it is purple.
Master bedroom

1/2 bath with blue sink and toilet. To rop it off the ceiling is is wallpapered also.
1/2 bath