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Another Art Project Snafu

Saturday, December 31st, 2005

In an earlier post (6/12/2005) we complained about a large, chain custom framing store that messed up several times making the frame for Roger’s Steadman print. Their 10-day turnaround turned out to be more like four months. So, you’d think we’d turn to someone else for the even more complicated job of shadow box framing our five newest pieces. Well, think again and, strangely, just about the same thing happened - but worse. Go figure!

First, we got a call from the manager saying the framer had “a little problem” while trying to mount our artwork. Turned out he drilled holes for the mounting screws through the FRONT of our two favorite pieces. They were trashed, so we had to get replacements. Then, one frame had to be replaced THREE times due to big gouges in the frame. They tried to fill them in with black Sharpie.???!?! Another 10-day job that lasted for months. But, we’re over it, because they came out beautifully.

We have this huge blank wall space above the island between the kitchen and living room. It’s the first thing your eye catches when you walk in. We had our friends Carolyn, Kristen and Larry (an artist, conveniently) over for dinner and Larry suggested a few pieces that might look nice in that space. We saw them a few weeks later and loved ‘em. They are ink drawings on paper which are mounted on multi-colored wood blocks and the whole thing is laminated with epoxy. The coloring is pretty subtle, so we got this idea to put them in shadow boxes to make them “pop” out from the wall. The black interior of the boxes with anti-reflective glass accentuates the colors too. The pieces are centered above the island (not the whole wall) and weighted toward the right, which draws your eye up the two-story-tall wall in the living room. Looks cool.

The Wall:

The Right Box:

The Center Box:

The Top Box:

Ralph Finally Comes Home

Sunday, June 12th, 2005

If you remember waaay back in February, Roger was excited to post New Addition to the Apartment . He purchased a signed, original Ralph Steadman print online titled “King and Queen” and waited anxiously to have it shipped. It arrived safely and in pretty much perfect shape. That was the easy part…

Anxious to put that baby up on the wall, we walked two blocks down from where we live to a large, custom-framing and art chain store. We spent quite a bit of time picking out the perfect frame, matting(s) and border (insert your own queens for the “King and Queen” joke here). After springing for the museum glass, Roger plunked down a load of cash and sat back the ten long days they said it would take to have the frame built and the glass cut. Ten days - nothing. Waited two more weeks, no word. Waited two more weeks, no word. Waited another two weeks and called the place again, it had finally arrived. A couple more days to mount the print and we’re done! By now you’ve probably guessed… right, wrong frame.

After waiting all that time we briefly considered taking it with the incorrect frame, but it just didn’t look right. Anyway, started the process all over again and they finally finished it. Ten days… four months… pretty close. Roger got back from Germany last night, so one of our projects was to hang the art today. The happy ending is, it looks fantastic. The long-promised pics are below.



Wait… There’s More

Sunday, May 22nd, 2005

Roger forgot to mention one thing. Last night we saw our new favorite band, VNV Nation, at The Fillmore. The show was great. Follow the link to the right to hear some of their stuff. The people-watching was FANTASTIC! On just about any day in San Francisco you can find a fine display of odd behavior. People out here just looove to parade around in costumes - any excuse will do. So, imagine how a goth/industrial music show can bring out the finest festoonery. We were among the approximately dozen or so people in the whole place not dressed completely in black, and certainly in the minority by not having at least three pieces of jewelry fashioned from one of more of the following items: metal studs, fish hooks, chainmail and various leather bits. Next time I’m going head-to-toe in a black leather tank top and kilt with some thigh-high biker boots.

This was our first time at The Fillmore. It was pretty cool being in this intimate little place (about the size of the Cabaret Metro in Chicago) that could double as a modern music history museum. We sat upstairs in the Poster Room. The walls were completely filled with posters from past performances from Jefferson Airplane to Grateful Dead to Santana to Cream to Chuck Berry to… If you’re interested see their web page. Anyway, enough about us. It’s a picture-perfect Bay Area day and we gotta go soak up some sun.

To Much Loathing and not Enough Fear

Monday, February 21st, 2005

I receive my print from one of his closest co-workers and he shoots himself.

(CNN) — Journalist and author Hunter S. Thompson, who unleashed the concept of “gonzo journalism” in books like “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,” fatally shot himself in the head Sunday at his home near Aspen, Colorado, police and his family said.

New Addition to the Apartment

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2005

Well after months of trying to purchase some artwork for the apartmant it has finally happened. I have been looking into purchasing artwork from either Dave McKean (read Pete’s discreption of Mirror Mask) or Ralph Steadman. Ralph came through with a nice print titled King and Queen. It is now being shipped from England, via global shopping through ebay. I’ll post apicture as soon as I figure out why I can’t upload it. You can learn more about Ralph and his artwork and writings by clicking on the link on the left.