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Somewhere Over The…

Saturday, January 28th, 2006

Rainbow, of course. We’ve been home all day getting ready for a little dinner party at our place tonight. I did leave the house to pick up my car from the dealer where it was being detailed. Needless to say, it started raining the second I pulled out of their lot. Luckily, it resulted in a big old rainbow. This is from our loft window looking out toward the Bay.

Lest you be worried about the awful weather here (kidding!), we did have a very nice day last Sunday. We hung out with our friend Kristen. She took us for lunch at this very cool outdoor cafe attached to the Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Center for Visual Arts at Stanford University. We sat outside and soaked up the sun and enjoyed a delicious, all organic, of course, lunch. Immediately adjacent to the cafe is the Rodin Sculpture Garden. Here’s a cool work called the Gates of Hell :

Roger was inspired and got all artsy with the camera:

I just liked hanging out with the big guys:

Hard At Work

Sunday, January 15th, 2006

In case you think it’s nothing but hiking, wine, food and hanging out with friends in the warm sunshine out here in California - not so. Witness poor Roger risking life and limb trying to de-moldify the two story tall windows in our living room (sing along “I wear my sun-glass-es in-side…). And you thought all he did was pose for Disco pictures…

New Years Eve - Discotronic Party

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2006

A friend (ex-employee) of ours and his partner invited us over for their New Years Eve party. The theme this year was Discotronic. The dress for the party was your best disco attire. Not having any disco attire we set out to find the perfect outfit. I new we would be able to find something perfect while we were in Chicago. The is a great store called Ragstock (yes Pete and Paula, the same store you introduced me to in Madison many years back) which always has very odd items. They specialize in left over clothes that did not sell in the original store, army surplus, items left at the drycleaners, etc. Well we did find some vintage 70s outfits as you can see from the pics.

Disco Scott

Disco Rog