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A Couple Items Scott Forgot…….And Pictures!!!

Monday, April 3rd, 2006

Well Scott did forget a few things in his last post. After giving me a great suprise, romantic (yes, on rare occasions Scott can be romantic) birthday party in February, our friends Marc and Neal came to visit from England.
We took them to see Beach Blanket Babylon which Prince Charles and Lady Camilla visited a month earlier.

Another thing Scott had forgot was while we were on the cruise we decided to continue what we started back in July of last year. (See It’s Kind Of Official - July’s post). We decided to get our rings.
We both like titanium rings, and they were having a showing on the boat. See, updating the blog is not the only thing we are slow at doing. Someday we might even throw the party.

And As promised, here are the travel pics….


Sunday, April 2nd, 2006


Main Entry: ketch·up
Pronunciation: ‘ke-chup, ‘ka-
1) Function: noun
Etymology: Malay kechap fish sauce
:a seasoned pureed condiment usually made from tomatoes
“Pass the ketchup beotch, ya dun burnt the Kraft Mac & Cheese again!”
2) Function: verb
:an act of self-preservation to keep Jeanine from annihilating us next time we’re in Chicago.
“Whoa! We haven’t updated the blog since February. We better ketchup quick!”

Time does fly. In our defense, we weren’t back from our cruise for very long before we took another vacation(*), so there really hasn’t been much time to attend to the blog. The cruise was great. Ports of call where Cococay, Bahamas followed by St. Croix, USVI and St.Martin, DWI. Atlantis did its usual fantastic job, including entertainment by Charo and the customary “surprise” guest star. Charo was beautiful, charming, engaging, funny and a very accomplished Flamenco guitarist. The guest star was Joan Rivers. She was pretty hysterical too. If you’re planning a cruise soon(*), if you have to choose between Celebrity or Royal Caribbean, the latter is a much better choice. The food, service and ship’s maintenance were clearly better on our Med cruise on RC. Not that we suffered or lost weight(*) or anything like that.

Cococay is this cute little island in the Bahamas owned by the cruise lines. Nothing on it but food, bars and recreation (parasailing, jet skiing, etc.) Spent the day lounging on the beach and having tropical drinks with little umbrellas in them brought to use by the ship’s staff. St. Croix was part tourist trap, part totally laid back paradise. Took a cab over to Christiansted to do a little shopping and spent time sampling rum drinks. Back in Frederiksted (the port village) we hung out at an outdoor cafe and drank beer the rest of the day. They had a fashion show and asked one of our friends from the cruise we were drinking with to be in it(*). Funny. Last was St. Martin. We did a 10-day liveaboard scuba trip from there back in 2002. Wow! That place has changed. They built a huge new port for cruise ships and greatly expanded its formerly run down shopping district. We kinda liked it better the way it was before. The flight home was awful. Cruise ship day in Fort Lauderdale during Spring Break. Not fun. Sat in the airport for six hours(*), got home about 1AM and had to go to work the next day. Ouch.

Put in a grueling seven days at work and took off for another vacation to Arizona(*). Howard met us at the airport in Vegas (where he was attending a convention) and we flew together to Phoenix. We were there, ostensibly, to see a couple White Sox spring training games. Saw the Mariners on Friday and the Giants on Saturday. Howard wanted us to stay at what was, without a doubt, the nicest B&B we’ve ever seen. Huge Victorian place, period furniture with all the amenities of a 5-star resort, nice crowd and an amazing gourmet breakfast every morning served by our incredibly knowledgeable, friendly (and can’t forget handsome!) hosts Chuck and Jeff. If you’re ever in Tucson, you must stay at the Royal Elizabethan. Tucson, huh? Did I mention it was a 210-mile round trip each day to Phoenix? (Note to Howard: I’m over it! Really, I am! I love riding in a convertible! Honestly!).

Also, a bit of a watershed event for me. After only a decade together, I introduced Roger to someone from my family(*). My sister (Kim), her husband (Wayne) and my nephew (Charles) live in a suburb of Phoenix. After the Giants game, we headed over to my sister’s house for a nice visit and went out for a good dinner. Afterwards, I drove all the way back to Tucson while Howard slept in the back seat (Note to Howard, see above). Kim and I promised to keep in better touch. I gave her the blog address, so give her a warm welcome (be nice!).

The only other thing of note, we finally got off our lazy behinds and went bicycle shopping. We bought the truck so we could do more outdoor activities, it just took us a while to get the bikes. I picked mine up yesterday. If the frickin’ monsoon would stop, I might even take it out for a spin.

OK, sorry for the long post. Consider us ketchuped. I’d better get off the computer now, because I’m sure Roger is anxious to put some pictures up on the blog(*).

(*) Crapporunity: Pre-selected things to 1) give us crap about, or 2) make fun of us for. Just to make things easy for you.