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Paula Wins

Sunday, January 7th, 2007

So pauls wins the contest. We are going to go diving for a week in Saba. We have been diving there before and still think it is some of the best diving we have done. The last tour company we used for the trip has a picture of me jumping into the water off the boat. Paula’s prize will be a shirt (or other gift) from Saba.

Start of a New Year

Saturday, January 6th, 2007

Well, most of you know that the year has started pretty crappy for Scott and I. We had planned a trip to Germany and Italy over the Christmas work shutdown. We even planned a layover in Chicago to be with the families. A week before the trip, the FDA notified my site that they would be in 2 days for an audit. With that announcement, I was told that I would not be able to take my vacation. We tried to get tickets to at least get home to Chicago for the holidays, but the cheapest airfare we could find was almost $2000! YIKES. So we ended up staying here in San Mateo. The FDA did not actually come in the week the said, so I still had the honor of working over the Christmas shutdown to prepare for there visit, while Scott stayed home alone. They did finally tell us that they would be here this Monday at 10am. I figured I should start Blogging while I had a moment. There will be many moments until they leave. We did go and see “A Night in the Museum” on Christmas day, a cute film, nothing award winning. After the movie, we came home and roasted a small turkey, had dinner, and watched “Bad Santa”. I think this might be our new favorite Christmas movie.

To get over the disappointment of canceling our trip, we decided to book a trip that would be after the FDA audit. We have decided to go scuba diving. We have also decided to turn this into a game for everybody. The first person that can guess where we are going will win a prize. I’ll start out hard, and get easier. The picture below is the first clue.

Good luck, and look for more clues.