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Vacation is here

Wednesday, February 21st, 2007

Well our vacation starts tomorrow. It has been a long week, it always seens that you have to put in extra hours at work that match the hours you are taking off. It willl be a good to relax for a while because when we get back I’ll have 4 days to prepare for Germany. I’ll be leaving on the 10th for Tubingen, and Visiting Mike, Liz, and the Girls the following Friday and Saturday. It will be good to see them.

Paula, I need your shirt size for your prize.

I’ll post pics when we are back.

FDA Is Gone

Sunday, February 4th, 2007

Well the FDA audit is over. My time spent at work has decreased.There was some fear that it would go on long enough that we would have to cancel the dive vacation. Work will not get in the way for this trip, but Scott’s ear might. He has had an outer ear infection for a couple of months, and the doctor has found a polyp in front of the eardrum. As for now, she can not approve him to dive. He will be going in for more tests and hopefully be given a clean bill for diving.

Just in case anybody forgot, today is Tam’s birthday today. If you forgot how old she is, you could cut her in half and count the rings. I think she has as many rings as some of the redwoods here in California! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAM!!!

Go Bears!