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California’s Burning

Friday, June 27th, 2008

This was taken on our way home last Sunday. This is San Bruno mountain which is only 7 miles from home.


There are so many fires burning up north that it smells like a campfire outside. And speaking of campfires, we will be camping at the same ranch over the 4th of July weekend. Hope it is warmer than last time.

Only in San Francisco

Friday, June 27th, 2008

We woke up yesterday not knowing what to do do. It was a very rare day where the temerpature was going to be about 90. San Francisco was going to be in the 80’s all day, which is totally freaky for the city. We ended up doing what we normally do in cases like this and gave our friend Kiki (aka Kristen) a call to see what fun things she had planned for the day. As usual, she had something planned that on our own, we would never go to. She invited us to go with her into the city to see a Dog Fashion show. Of course, we had to take her up on seeing this spectacle. It was being held at a very high end fabric store (Britex Fabrics) in the heart of the high-end boutique stores off the Union Square area. We walked in and were greeted with champagne runway instructions. The store is 4 stories tall and the runway was the staircase. A steady stream of dogs worked the runway with great precision and style. We were begining to feel a little like Tim Gunn (Project Runway). Enjoy the pics. .They were taken with the iPhone and came out a little blurry (sorry).


Having a Beer in SAN

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

I’m sitting in the airport in San Diego waiting for my flight home. The meeting went well, and the next meeting will be in Beringen Germany the week of September 8th. Beringen is located about 1 hour north of Zurich Switzerland. I have a lot of vacation time left for the year (3 weeks) and will spend some extra time there. Hopefully I will be able to convince Scott to meet me there! Other than that, notuch has happened since yesterday. On the client down, I started reading “Look me in the eye”. It is written by Augustin Burroughs’ brother about his life with asperger’s. Pretty good so far, and funny like Augustins’ books. I’ll give a final review when I’m done.

Having a Beer at SFO

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

I’m sitting in a bar in the airport waiting for my flight to Temecula for work. I’ll be in the air while Scott in having a phone interview with Abbott. His job search has moved into second gear. He has had an initialnphone screen on Monday and a phone interview with the hiring manager tonight. He also has a”get to know you” interview with Genetech this week and a interview with genesys next Tuesday. Things arecstarting to happen for him.

We have booked flights back to Chicago for the end of August. Our friends Mark and Keith are celebrating their 25th anaversary so we have to come back for the party. We have set aside time for family and we will let you know the exact dates.

Yes I am in transit to Temecula for our quarterly Global Regulatory Compliance meeting. It is a 1 day, in out, meeting. We will be planing for our larger meeting in the begining of August in Switzerland. We might plan a vacation around the meeting. I loved Switzerland and am looking forward to going again. Other than work for me, everything is as chaotic as usual. Hope everybody is doing well. Time to start boarding!

Slow on the Update

Sunday, June 8th, 2008

Sorry it has taken a while to post, but when we got back the work stress kicked back in. We have a BSI (Thing European FDA) audit tomorrow. I’ve been short staffed and have had to do all of the prep work on top of my regular work. We had a great time camping, although it reminded me a little of Jeannine’s Memorial DAy picnics……….Cold and rainy. Yes, after we got the tent set up, the clouds moved in. The rain held off until the next morning, and the temperature did not get above 63. Thank god there was a ranch house we all could go to.

The sun did come out and as long as we were in it, we were warm.

We met a lot of really nice guys and have started making plans for our next trip with some of them.

Not much else has happened since then. Scott is still looking for a job. He has gotten some good contacts at Genetech, and a few other places. We are hoping we can stay in the bay area, but San Diego may be the next stop. We’ll keep everybody posted.