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Feeding the Fish

Monday, March 30th, 2009

When you dive, feeding the fish means getting sick. The water yesterday had 5 - 6 foot waves which makes it hard on the stomach, and to stay on the bottom of the ocean. There is nothing worse an really cool as getting sick under water. The fish that swim right up to your face for “a bite to eat” almost make up for the fact that you are getting sick under water.

The water was a lot calmer today and we had a great couple of dives. We are us waking up from a nap. Yes, even I the one who stopped sleeping, enjoyed a nap. It is a wonder what a vacation can to for your stress levels.

On Our Way to Miami

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

Well we are back in the airport on our way to Miami. The wedding was fun last night. The ceremony was on the beach, nice but the sun was blinding and the wind was giving everybody a good dermabrasion. All of the groomsman’s friends thought Brandon and Stephanie were my kids. Wow, made me feel old, but I guess I am. We are diving tomorrow afternoon and Monday morning. A short dive trip that will keep us trained for our dive trip next year in Fiji.

I Guess it is Time to Post

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

Yes, I’m at an airport bar posting this. Where else would I be doing this from? We are on our way to Nikki’s wedding in Florida. Scott is looking forward to meeting more family that he has never met. The wedding is Friday in Clearwater Fl. And we are hightailing it to Key Largo on Saturday for a couple of days of scuba diving. The trip home will be interesting because I leave Scott at the airport in San Francisco to go to Temecula for the last half of next week. Scott is lucky enough to be able to go home for 15 hours before heading back to the airport to go spend a week and a half in Kotes and Japan for work. It will be a busy month of travel for us, but maybe we will be able to post more from the airport bars.