Stuttgart Germany

Well I made it to Stuttgart safely. I had a déjà vue after arriving at the hotel. The hotel is part of the train station, so after checking in, I had 6 hours before my room would be ready. So, I did as I always do to get over jetlag, force my self to stay awake by walking around the city I’m in. Scott taught me this and it helps re-adjust your body to the new time zone. I started my walk with a tour of the train station. I could not figure out why I felt like I had been there before, then the light went on and I realized I had to change trains there when I visited Mike And Liz last time I was in Germany.
A 9 hour time difference would normally kill me the first day, but I almost slept for both of the flights to get here. I even had a Lunesta do things while you are asleep moment. This has only happened to me once at home when I don’t remember having icecream, brushing my teeth, and going to bed. This time I remember having my salade and appetizer, but do not remember eating the main course. The next thing I remember is the flight attendant taking away my tray asking if I wanted an icecream sundae. Of course I refused and streched out my seat and fell back asleep for almost 5 hours. I’m lucky to get 5 hours at home with Lunesta, there is something about flying that puts me to sleep. Ok, it is so bad that most of the time I fall asleep imediately and sleep through take off!
I forget how much I like the food here. Today for lunch I found a little shop that made fresh ham sandwhiches. The ham was cut fresh and hot, slapped onto a fresh roll, good mustard spooned on, and server in a paper napkin. Yum! For dinner I had another of my European favorites, Donner Kebaps. It is much like a Gyros, but much better. Maybe it is the chile flakes or the hot pepper they threw on top. They are great late at night after drinking, as I found out in Ireland. As I’m writting this I am having my first, and second beer in Germany. It is a little after 10:00pm (4pm in Maine, 3pm in Chicago, 2pm in San Mateo). I am actually tired, and don’t think I’ll have a issue with falling asleep, staying asleep is a different problem. I have a busy day tomorrow gathering everybody together at the airport for the drive to Rangendingen. It will be good to see all of my coworkers again. Thank God I like them!

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  1. Paula Says:

    Its good to hear from you during your travels. I almost wonder if your blog shouldn’t be renamed.. (” using an iphone, posting from an airport, more later”? )

    I hope you are well and that Scott likes the new job.

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