I Guess it is Time to Post

Yes, I’m at an airport bar posting this. Where else would I be doing this from? We are on our way to Nikki’s wedding in Florida. Scott is looking forward to meeting more family that he has never met. The wedding is Friday in Clearwater Fl. And we are hightailing it to Key Largo on Saturday for a couple of days of scuba diving. The trip home will be interesting because I leave Scott at the airport in San Francisco to go to Temecula for the last half of next week. Scott is lucky enough to be able to go home for 15 hours before heading back to the airport to go spend a week and a half in Kotes and Japan for work. It will be a busy month of travel for us, but maybe we will be able to post more from the airport bars.

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  1. josie schlax Says:

    I expect to hear from both of you.

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