Wait… There’s More

Roger forgot to mention one thing. Last night we saw our new favorite band, VNV Nation, at The Fillmore. The show was great. Follow the link to the right to hear some of their stuff. The people-watching was FANTASTIC! On just about any day in San Francisco you can find a fine display of odd behavior. People out here just looove to parade around in costumes - any excuse will do. So, imagine how a goth/industrial music show can bring out the finest festoonery. We were among the approximately dozen or so people in the whole place not dressed completely in black, and certainly in the minority by not having at least three pieces of jewelry fashioned from one of more of the following items: metal studs, fish hooks, chainmail and various leather bits. Next time I’m going head-to-toe in a black leather tank top and kilt with some thigh-high biker boots.

This was our first time at The Fillmore. It was pretty cool being in this intimate little place (about the size of the Cabaret Metro in Chicago) that could double as a modern music history museum. We sat upstairs in the Poster Room. The walls were completely filled with posters from past performances from Jefferson Airplane to Grateful Dead to Santana to Cream to Chuck Berry to… If you’re interested see their web page. Anyway, enough about us. It’s a picture-perfect Bay Area day and we gotta go soak up some sun.

2 Responses to “Wait… There’s More”

  1. Denny Says:

    Scott, I would pay to see a pic of that.


  2. PES Says:

    I think it would be much more interesting if you dressed that way and went to like a Barry Mannilow or Airsupply concert. Or, if you are suicidal, just go full out Hellraiser and get first row tics to a Jay-Z concert. Now THAT would be nuts!