It’s been a while!

Guilt has finally gotten the best of me. I figured I better post before I get into much trouble with Josie (love you)! We are sitting at the airport at 5:00am waiting for our flight to Maui for a much needed/required vacation. Both of us have been working way too much. Scott has managed to fly over 250,000 miles in the last 6 months! It seems like he is never home!

We have made a final decision to move into the City. San Mateo is nice, but we think San Francisco will offer more. We will be hunting for a new apartment when we get back. As things always work, it looks like Scott will be traveling when we make the move. It looks like he will either be in Switzerland, Italy, or China. We have decided to wait until we have a better idea how Scott’s job situation after the complete integration with Roche.

Some other recent news… We were camping last weekend and had a rattle snake take up residence in our camp site. I was one of the brave one who did not run away screaming like a little school girl. Another guy and I herded the snake into a wooden box to be relocated elsewhere. We also went to see the world premire of Green Day’s “American Idiot” the musical in Berkley. It was fun to see a stage performance of one of my favorite CDs.

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