Fun at Epcot

I got to spend the day at Epcot yesterday with Nikki, Jeff, Kathy and Rich. We had a great time and Nikki ran us ragged. Epcot is a cool place because it is actually a learning center desguised as an amusment park. The food and wine expo was also going on there which was fun. There were small booths set up in the international village section that sold small samples of the food and wine for that country. For dinner we went to a German restaurant that was good. The spatzle was not as good as Tam’s! The best ride was one called Sorin. It was a simulation of flying over parts of California. It was a great simulation that even included making it smell of oranges as you went over the orange fields.

This morning we were all meeting at Starbucks for breakfast. Kathy and Rich were rear-ended on the way there. Nobody got hurt, but Rich’s car will need a new bumper.

While I’ve been gone this week, Scott has been packing. We will start moving into the née place on the 15th. The move will be a litle easier having the SUV. I moved most all of the small things last time in my little car. We will only need to rent a truck for the few large items. I promise to post some pictures as soon as we get in to take some.

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  1. Paula Says:

    Yep- pictures. I hope we’ll get an email with new addy info too :) By the way I almost passed out a while ago from holding his breath.
    I’ve never done the Epcot/Disney thing- It sounds pretty cool.

    We miss you.

  2. PjS Says:

    Loving the photos of the new place ;)

    How are you guys?

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