Ralph Finally Comes Home

If you remember waaay back in February, Roger was excited to post New Addition to the Apartment . He purchased a signed, original Ralph Steadman print online titled “King and Queen” and waited anxiously to have it shipped. It arrived safely and in pretty much perfect shape. That was the easy part…

Anxious to put that baby up on the wall, we walked two blocks down from where we live to a large, custom-framing and art chain store. We spent quite a bit of time picking out the perfect frame, matting(s) and border (insert your own queens for the “King and Queen” joke here). After springing for the museum glass, Roger plunked down a load of cash and sat back the ten long days they said it would take to have the frame built and the glass cut. Ten days - nothing. Waited two more weeks, no word. Waited two more weeks, no word. Waited another two weeks and called the place again, it had finally arrived. A couple more days to mount the print and we’re done! By now you’ve probably guessed… right, wrong frame.

After waiting all that time we briefly considered taking it with the incorrect frame, but it just didn’t look right. Anyway, started the process all over again and they finally finished it. Ten days… four months… pretty close. Roger got back from Germany last night, so one of our projects was to hang the art today. The happy ending is, it looks fantastic. The long-promised pics are below.



2 Responses to “Ralph Finally Comes Home”

  1. PjS Says:

    Looks great. The mat is really cool and musuem glass is definitely worth the extra on the nice ones. I am looking forward to seeing it in person.

  2. PES Says:

    Wow, very nice. I’m sure that now that it’s back in your possesion and up, you can look back at the whole experience with a sense of humor (ok, maybe not yet). But 4 months with a piece of artwork. I’d have been a little worried that it wasn’t coming back at all :(

    I second PJ’s oppinion that the museum glass is worth it for a good print. You’ll want to enjoy it for a good, long time so why screw around?

    I like the wall color, too.