Good Morning!

Well Pete did not believe me I see the sunrise every morning. Here is the proof. This was taken from the window in the loft of our appartment.
Sunrise 1-17-05

8 Responses to “Good Morning!”

  1. PES Says:

    Wow! That is truly amazing.

  2. PES Says:

    Man, PJ didn’t take ME on any cruise for our 10th anniversary. I was robbed!

  3. PjS Says:

    Nice! For our 5th wedding anniversary PES was puking at Mark and Monica’s wedding- we had to be careful.

  4. Nine Says:

    That’s a beautiful picture guys! My sun rise looked just like it! NOT!

  5. Nine Says:

    I’ve been married 20 years. I chose big frickin’ diamonds over a cruise!

  6. Nine Says:

    After looking over the info from you cruise, something tells me I’d feel a little out of place :-)

  7. josie Says:

    I agree with the diamonds anytime. also the fact that a cruise is on water is a problem for me too. I picture is great. You sure you didn’t paint that yourself?

  8. Den Says:

    That pic is awsome.

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