The 411 on the New Job…aka Why I Have Not Posted

Now that it is official, here is the new job information. I have accepted a promotion with Abbott. Yes this is the same position my director offered my in Gramany. My new title is Manager of Document and Label Control. I will have 10 direct reports, and be responsible for maintainging the system which maintains all of the policies and quality documents for the site and global responsibility for the divisional documents (looks like more trips to Germany and Ireland in my future). As an extra bonus I will also be in charge of all labeling for all of our products produced in our division. This not only entails maintaining proper documentation of the lables, but ensuring they meet all FDA and European standards and regulations. To sweeten the deal they through in another fun item; currently, this new positionn was managed by 2 managers. The manager for document control left Abbott 3 months ago, and the manager for label control is transfering back to Chicago this Tuesday (7-26). So for the last 2 weeks I have been trying to absorb form the label control manager everything I can because I really don’t know anything about the regulations for labels, barcodes, medical Instructions for Use, dealing withing people in Marketing (YUCK!!!). All of the above is the reason I have not posted. I have also hade to do my current position while training. I have not gotten home befor 9:30 and day in the last 2 weeks.

The up side to the new position is that it came with a 15% increase in pay, a yearly bonus of up to 13%, and stock options, a real office with a door. So all of my whining above is be compensated, but I still can whine!

One Response to “The 411 on the New Job…aka Why I Have Not Posted”

  1. Nine Says:

    Congrats on the promotion Rog. I agree working with Marketing stinks. It sure is nice to have a door though! Bye Bye Cubicles!!