Weekend Update

Random bits from the mind of Scott…

Update: The Trouble with Cars - You may recall back in July, Roger had an unfortunate issue with the dealer forgetting to put oil in his car at the 60,000 mile service. After consuming 10 quarts of oil in about 800 miles, the dealer agreed to replace the engine. Bad news, Rog is without a convertible just when he needs to be working on his tan for the cruise (the family Camry the dealer gave him doesn’t even have a sunroof). Good news, he has a new engine to go with the new transmission he got a while ago - all right before his warranty expires.

Speaking of the cruise, we’ve been spending money like drunken sailors (pun intended). Got a sweeeet! new camera which is awesome. It’s a 5.0 megapixel, pocket-size, box of miniaturized miracle technology. If you’re in the market, we can highly recommend the Kodak EasyShare V550. So, with two digital cameras along, we’ll have lots of pictures to post when we get back. Shopped for a bunch of Europe-appropriate party duds last weekend, got an electronic translator, new swimsuits, a bunch of really funny t-shirts, new cell phones, the list in endless… durn near wore the numbers off our credit cards. Hey, you only live once, right!

Got a pleasant surprise the other morning too. Back in early June, we went to Palm Springs (see my previous post “The Desert and Bachelorhood”) to spend the weekend with our good friends from Naperville, Mark and Keith. Got an e-mail from them updating us on their exciting vacation home purchase in Palm Springs. As an aside, they mentioned that they loved their last cruise so much that they booked another one. You guessed it! They’re one our Mediterranean cruise with us. What a small world. Too funny!

Other than that, we’re feeling kinda old today. We were out to 3 AM with our friend Carol (from Chicago) and her new, very charming boyfriend Emmett. Had a great dinner and enjoyed a few new clubs in the City. Naps, lots of naps, naps are good…

3 Responses to “Weekend Update”

  1. PjS Says:

    Sorry to hear about the engine, but it is nice to have them cover it. Sorry about the lack of a sun roof.

    I hoe that you saved enough room on the cards to get us all real postcards-not just the virtual posts. S and N love foreign stamps!

  2. Nine Says:

    Sometimes shopping is one of my favoirte pass times. Especially if it’s for Coach products or Electronic’s. Just put in a bid for a rare Coach Red Leather Backpack Purse on Ebay. Wish me luck!!

  3. Pete Says:


    Thanks for all of the posts. Glad to hear that you and Rog are taking the enology classes (i.e. “the study of winos and those who love them”). I look forward to your opening your vinyard. No need to stock the guest room with towels as I am happy to bring my own.

    A new transmission and an engine. I’d say it may be time to sell and buy all new. With the new drive train, the tradein value should be terrific on that baby. By the way, N. saw the style of car you have when we got our RAV4 and she loved it.

    Both Scott and Rog,
    Have a great time on your cruise. With other friends going, it should be even more fun. Don’t drink that water. Sticking with wine is much safer…