And… We… Are… Outta Here!

We’re freakin’ out and excited all at the same time. Roger hasn’t been able to sleep past 3 AM for the last two weeks. Why? That’s right. We leave tomorrow for our big 10th anniversary cruise. San Francisco to London to Barcelona, 4 days there, 9 days on the ship, one day in Barcelona and back here. So if you hear about any international incidents in Barcelona, Nice, Rome, Mykonos, Crete, Sorrento, Capri, Naples or Pompeii - that’s right, it’s us! We’ll try to post when we get back. Luv2yall.

6 Responses to “And… We… Are… Outta Here!”

  1. Nine Says:

    Have a great time!! Don’t do anything I wouldn’t!!

  2. Nine Says:

    Oh yeah, and the number one rule goes for you guys too (you’ll have to ask Steph to find out what it is!)

  3. Denny Says:

    Also, ask your selves “What would Jnine do?”

    Have a great trip.

  4. PjS Says:

    I know your trip ends soon- We want to see pics!!!!!

  5. PjS Says:

    Scott- I saw inhaled insulin was approved by the FDA today- good for you and your company?

  6. Nine Says:

    How about some pictures. I just saw the movie “Boat Trip” and I really would hate to keep picturing you guys on that cruise!!