Still Working on the Pictures

I’m still working on sorting the pictures. We ended up taking 995 phoyos, and about 15 movies, some as long as 2 minutes. I will give a better pic display this week end, but for now this is a shot of Barcelona from the Joan Miro Museum on the top of Mount Juic.

7 Responses to “Still Working on the Pictures”

  1. PjS Says:


    Can we see more?

  2. Denny Says:

    How long you gonna work on them pictures? :-)

  3. Nine Says:

    My thoughs exactly!!

  4. DENNY Says:


  5. pjs Says:

    This is what I suspect the next post will say-

    Hey all- sorry for taking so long with the pictures. Work has been incredibly busy for both of us. Rog’s new responsibilities are going to take an adjustment, but he is up for the challenge!. Scott’s job has gotten busier as more inhaled insulin delivery methods are considered for FDA approval and implememtation.

    We have compensated by working out, listening to some great new music (insert name of obscure but soon to be famous band here) and trying to keep in touch with you all. More soon.

  6. Nine Says:

    That’s a good guess Paula, although I have another theory of why we haven’t heard fromthe dynamic duo in a while. If you read the original post it says they took about 995 phoyos. I think the problem is that these supposed phoyos are some new technology and it takes longer to figure out how to work with the software to change them into photos :-)

  7. PjS Says:

    I think we should start posting for them again.