Alright Already…

Hey all- sorry for taking so long with the pictures. Work has been incredibly busy for both of us. Rog’s new responsibilities are going to take an adjustment, but he is up for the challenge! My job has gotten busier as more inhaled insulin delivery devices are considered for FDA approval and implementation. We have compensated by not working out, drinking a lot of wine and failing to keep in touch with you all.

Seriously though, PjS and 9 pretty much hit the nail on the head. Rog just today is getting close to going through the remaining phot(y)os. In addition, our weekends have been pretty booked too.

The weekend after the cruise we ended up going up to our friend Carolyn’s vineyard (the one so far out we have to rent a sport ute) and attending a fabulous wine and food event at the top of a mountain. The next weekend was a whirlwind party on Saturday at our friend Kristen’s place where you had to bring a dish to share and a 10 year-old bottle of wine to get in. We got so trashed we had to sleep there and got up the next morning and made our way up to the Folsom Street Fair. We took the train up to SF and walked to the fair. It was a lot of fun and we hung out with some people we know. Unfortunately, it was so much fun that we lost track of time and (my bad!) missed the last train back out of the city. That was one expensive durn cab ride home!

I was back in Rockford the entire next week. My Dad had to have a heart valve replaced and a coronary bypass. He had a speedy recovery at first, but things kind of stalled out after that. He ended up being in the hospital a lot longer than the surgeon wanted. But, he’s home now and seems to be doing OK.

The next weekend it was back up to Sonoma to attend a wine futures release party at Armida Winery (one of our numerous wine clubs). A great time was had by all, the BBQ was great, but unfortunately our futures won’t be released until February. Oh well, just have to go back up there. We did dinner with Carolyn, her sister and her cousin at our favorite Healdsberg restaurant. Then we headed back to one of our favorite resorts and ended up sharing a cabin (it was the only room left) with a couple very fun, but totally evil, new friends from Santa Cruz. I could write for pages, but suffice it to say it was a startling evening reminiscent of our good ol’ college days, completely immature, complete with binge-drinking. No driving was involved as everything was within walking distance. Bad news anyway! That was one long durn car ride home (the next day)!

This week we had some late night wine and gourmet treats on Thursday to welcome a friend of Rog’s from Ab-But who is transferring out here and is moving into our complex. Friday we waited for PG&E to hook up her gas service and went out for dinner. Saturday we were invited to three different BBQ’s, but ended up just going to one. It was fun.

Today… just cleaning the house (who’s had the time?) and doing some grocery shopping. So, have you had enough yet? Thought so. I fully intended to post a whole bunch of pictures from the cruise, but Rog left for the store and I can’t figure out how to export them from iPhoto. Lame, I know, but let’s all guilt Rog into posting them for me.

6 Responses to “Alright Already…”

  1. pjs Says:

    So nice to see that you two are alive. (And sounds like some excellent wine!)

    Keep ‘em coming…

  2. Liz Says:

    You guys have WAYYYYY too much fun. A good model for the rest of us. Thanks for the post. Will you guys be in IL for Thanksgiving? Hope to see you there.

  3. Scott Says:

    Not way too much fun, just about the right amount (hey, we still manage to hold down jobs!). Unfortunately, with cost of airline tickets, we can’t do both Thanksgiving AND Xmas. Since there’s a big gathering already planned for T-Day out here, we’ll head back for Xmas. Oh, and GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Liz Says:

    Sorry we’ll miss you… but have a great time. And congrats on your Sox victory. Amazing.

  5. Nine Says:

    Roger!!!! Where are the pictures dude!!! Don’t make me put bad pictures of you on the web. How about a picture around age 10-12???

  6. PjS Says:

    Listen- it’s the sound of us twiddling our thumbs waiting for pics.