It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like…

Christmas. Well, Christmas in California anyway…

Not to make all you people back East feel too badly, but we enjoyed a beautiful, sunny Saturday hiking the beach. It was only 68 degrees, so that Winter chill is really in the air. We hiked to Maverick Beach, which is where the famous surfing contest is held each Fall. Then, we drove into Half Moon Bay and had a nice seafood lunch.

Speaking of Driving: After talking about it forever, we finally broke down and did it - we bought an SUV. We were tired of having to rent an SUV every time we wanted to venture up to Carolyn’s vineyard (the 12-mile gravel and rutted dirt “road” ordeal). Plus, our other cars are wholly impractical and no good for the little things, like going anywhere that requires trunk space or oceanside hikes. Our friend Kristen made us a deal we couldn’t refuse on her ‘98 Ford Explorer, the Eddie Bauer edition. It’s in fantastically good shape and loaded with options. She took really good care of it too.

4 Responses to “It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like…”

  1. Denny Says:

    You still have the Beamer & Spyder?

  2. PJS Says:

    Nice SUV. Great pictures of the ocean. Right now, its a bit cold to head to the beach here :)

  3. Jnine Says:

    Nice car! They call me a Coach Ho - can you call you guys Car Ho’s?? :-)

  4. Scott Says:

    No. Got rid of the Beamer (see post from 4/05) and replaced it with the Infiniti G35 Sports Coupe. Rog still has the Spyder, though. So, yes, three cars for two people. To quote a good friend of mine “You two have way more money than you do good sense. Thank goodness Little Jimmy’s college fund can take the hit.” Not sure I agree with that, but I’m certainly OK with being called a Ho.