Believe it or not, Roger is actually getting close to having the vacation pictures ready for viewing. He’s using iMovie to organize them with a bit of musical accompaniment. So, they should be ready by the time we come home for Christmas. Meanwhile, here are a couple photos some friends we made on the cruise took of us. They’re from the island of Capri, just off the coast of Italy and a short hydrofoil ride from Naples. It was like 85 degrees that day… gosh I miss Italy…

And here we are at about the same spot. Roger doesn’t look so happy to be there, but we did only have like 2 hours of sleep and many, many cocktails the previous evening. Get used to this excuse, you’re going to hear it alot when you finally get to see all the pictures.

Anyhow, got lots of errands and a Christmas party to go to tonight. Then, we’re having some people over for dinner tomorrow night. It’s our actual 10-year anniversary on Sunday, so having at least one cruise picture on the blog seemed appropriate.

One Response to “Preview”

  1. PjS Says:

    Happy Anniversary. Hard to believe 10 years already, until I think about the age of my kids…

    Call us from home at Christmas- We’ll be missing you.