Gettin’ Gone Again

Hey Kids,

Sorry we haven’t posted in a while, things have been hectic (as usual). Roger’s birthday (a big one) was at the beginning of the month. I was feeling evil and coerced our friends into making up excuses to be out of town. Then I played it off like I forgot his birthday. At the last minute, I said we should go to the wine tasting room at the Ritz Carlton at Half Moon Bay for a couple drinks. Roger didn’t suspect a thing, even when he saw his toothbrush was missing…

Anyhow, we had a nice time tasting wine. Then, perfectly on cue, Kristen and Carolyn walked in (and all dressed up too). I think it’s fair to say Roger was “stunned”. Too funny. After wine we went to dinner at a great place, where our friends Rick and Dave met us - again Roger didn’t know. Dinner was fantastic; the girls brought some great wine to share. Gifts were presented and we sadly parted company with our friends. The final surprise was a nice fireplace suite at a lodge a few miles down the Coast Highway.

Sorry for the (for me, anyway) short post. We’re off to the tanning salon for a little fake bake before we leave for the cruise on Friday. This time it’s Fort Lauderdale for a couple days then on to the ship for a sail around the Eastern Caribbean with stops in the Bahamas, the Virgin Islands and the Dutch West Indies. We’re traveling with a group of friends from back in Chicago who did the same cruise last year and enjoyed it so much they organized a big group for this year. Work has been hell and we really, and I do mean really, need this vacation.

I’m sure we’ll take lots and lots of great pictures, which Roger will promise to post, but you’ll never get to see.

5 Responses to “Gettin’ Gone Again”

  1. PjS Says:

    The post is a nice surprise. We’re hoping for postcards this cruise :)

  2. Josie Says:

    Always good to hear from you. Josie

  3. Denny Says:

    I figure one post a month is about all we’ll get. So, if you don’t post at least that much I will have to start badgering you.

    Den :-)

  4. Jnine Says:

    At least you admit we’ll never see the pictures :-). Have fun!

  5. PjS Says:

    Work must be too crazy to tell us all what a great time you both had.

    Thanks for the update (sarcastically)