This is the administrator (Paula) seeing what’s up with Rog and Scott’s error message when I load their page. I am not sure what is up- I’ll work on it guys. Sorry.

5 Responses to “test”

  1. PJS and PES Says:

    This error appears fixed, new ones are cropping up but it is being worked on. Please be patient.

  2. PJS and PES Says:

    CHONG: Rog and Scott?[Dave]?
    CHEECH: Right, man. Rog and Scott[Dave]. Now will you open up the door?
    CHONG: They’re[Dave’s] not here.

    Is anybody home?????

  3. Nine Says:

    Since we’re quoting up in smoke (one of my favorite movies!)

    Cheech: (singing in a pink tutu): Dududuh, Dududuh, Du, Du, Duh.. Dududuh, Dududuh, Du, Du, Dah… My momma sock it to me….Great now that song is stuck in my head :-)

  4. PJS and PES Says:

    Are you guys okay? Seen the wildfires? Had any exciting adventures? Tasted any good wine?

  5. weight-loss Says:

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