A Very Crazy Week

The weekend get away was a good time. We did not get a chance to do any hiking, but it was good to spend time with our friends. The weather was cooler than we wanted. It was only in the mid 70s and sunny. Not many photo ops on this trip, but there is a wind farm as you leave Palm Springs that I always find impressive. Palm Springs Wind Farm
The relaxing effects of the weekend were destroyed on Monday. Scott has been interviewing with a company that was spun off of Abbott called Hospira. Although the position was interesting to him, the thought of 100 mile round trip drive, only 1 week of vacation, and having to move to San Jose to live between our places of work, he turned down the position. As for me, I have been given a high visibility project which has caught the eye of the Corporate Compliance VP for my division. I have been working late all week preparing procedures which will keep us out of trouble with the FDA. Stay tuned for more details… The weekend is here , so time to forget the week.

3 Responses to “A Very Crazy Week”

  1. PjS Says:

    The wind farm is really impressive. I’ve only see a handful of large wind mills together before, nothing quite like it.

    I definitely understand the commute, moving etc. issues. I hope it doesn’t totally wreck this weekend. Keep the FDA happy Rog- our economy depends on it!

  2. Nine Says:

    Sorry to hear about your trying week. Think good thoughts. Like the fact that your niece is now listening to Hip Hop!

  3. PES Says:

    Last week I heard a report about some environmentalists getting upset about a windfarm because bats keep flying into the propellers. It turns out that before the put up the turbines the made sure they wouldn’t effect any birds, but noone thought to monitor the bats. As Rosanne Rosanna Danna used to say, “It’s always something.”

    Personally I see this an unnatural selective pressure that could result in the evolution of a highly intelligent (or at least propeller-phobic) race of flying rats.