A Reminder That Winter is Still Here

Bay Bridge
I haven’t posted in a while. Both Scott and I were sick with the flu. Winter is haunting us again this week. It has looked like the picture above for the entire week. We got about 4 inches of rain on Tuesday. Not much is happening here, nothing new to report.

3 Responses to “A Reminder That Winter is Still Here”

  1. PjS Says:

    I really like the picture. I hope you feel better soon.

  2. PES Says:

    Not sure if it’s the flu, but something nasty has run through PJ, N. and now me. I woke up with a sore throat today and now feel just awful. I’m going to down a few more acetaminofen caps and hit the sack. I hope you both feel better soon.

    Did your picture arive yet? I’m anxious to see a pic of that on your wall.


  3. Nine Says:

    I’m sorry to hear everyone is sick. There is much illnes running around IL as well, but so far I feel pretty good. Let’s hope my luck keeps up. This was actually the 1st holiday season in years that I did not get sick between Thanksgiving & New Years. I’m hoping it will start a new trend. Nice picture Rog. Winter has returned here as well. Tonight it will be in the teens. But… Spring is just around the corner! Yeah!!!