Valencia Photos

I’m glad Paula liked the initial Bauhaus presentation of our trip photos, I now have some time to actually post a few. Speaking of art and architecture movements, this first photo is a picture of the new art museum in Valencia. It is part of the new City of Arts and Sciences.

Art Museum

Another amazing structure in this “city” was the new IMax theater,


The final large structure in this “city” was the Sciences Museum which is shown behind us posing with our friend Neil from England.


This Arts and Sciences City was stumbling distance from our hotel. We all liked having a glass of Champagne and watch the sun set from the balcony.

The new art museum was not opened yet, but we did go to the Museum of Classical Art. Marc and Neil love portraits and the Museum had a nice collection. This is a pic of us sitting acoss the street from the gallery.


Our favorite place to eat dinner or just hang out was a plaza named after each of us, Plaza de la Virgin. There were people hanging out every night until 1 or 2 in the morning. The Spanish are very social people.


The rest of our visit has no photos because Marc and Neil went back to England without a camera. We will have to just go back to take those pictures next year. Well, maybe the four of us in Madrid, or Portugal.

Four Horseman

3 Responses to “Valencia Photos”

  1. Jnine Says:

    Sounds like you had a great time. Hey, that Plaza is named for me too!!

  2. Jnine Says:

    Oh and you’ll find no pic on our blog from the Galveston trip. I did bring a camera, we just chose to leave it in the condo most days :-)

  3. Paula Says:

    I do like the pictures. Any extra digits on any of those portraits?