Feb. 19, Jeannine’s B-Day

Well, today is Jeannine’s birthday. It seems like the 70’s were only yesterday….


Well the long awaited Steadman print arrived today. We will be off to get it framed tomorrow. Tonight we are heading into San Fran to see
Bob Mould in concert. He always puts on a great show. This afternoon we will be heading over to our favorite gourmet grocery store Draeger’s for the Saturday wine tasting. There is a group of us that go every Saturday and have been given the nick name the Draegulars.

3 Responses to “Feb. 19, Jeannine’s B-Day”

  1. PjS Says:

    Nice! Pete likes Bob Mould too. The last concert we went to was Lilith Fair when we lived in Baltimore. N was a itty baby.

  2. Nine Says:

    Paybacks are a bitch Rog!!! It’s on now buddy!

  3. Mike Says:

    Wow, normally you’d have to commit some sort of a crime to have a photo like that go pubic. ;) It seems cropped though. I wonder what else was in the picture.