Palm Springs Recovery

it has been a month since the last post so I figured while I sit here by the pool in Palm Springs I would bring you up to speed. My illness after England was only the start of a month long health issue. Upon arriving home I discovered I had a very bad gum infection that lead to ennergeny oral surgery. I had my last wisdom tooth removed, an unknown cyst removed, and bone implants. It has taken a month to get rid of the low grade fever, and to get my energy back. Thank god just in time to meet up with Mark and Neil in Palm Springs. As an added bonus, our friends Mark, Keith, Mark, and Wally from Chicago are here also. It is like a small reunion. I will fill you in later with all of the trouble we get in.

4 Responses to “Palm Springs Recovery”

  1. Paula Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving. I am sorry to hear about your health woes. Give us a call sometime and we can share stories It has been too long anyway.

    N is a magic fiend. She’s getting pretty good and will love getting some boosters.

  2. Jnine Says:

    Hope you are feeling better. Of course if you posted we’d know :-)

  3. Jnine Says:

    That must be some recovery!!!!!!!!

  4. PjS Says:

    hey old man- any new posts soon?