It’s been a while!

I guess we should apologize for not posting sooner, but 2008 has been rough for us in San Francisco. Not to go into all of the details of the rollercoaster ride, but it has been a twisting, turning ride with the latest dip leaving Scott on the unemployment line. A couple of weeks ago his company announced that they were closing his facility. Job hunting is not easy, but I’m sure he will find something. We have been networking at the Abbott facility in Temecula. I have many contacts there from Chicago, and they might be able to find us both positions there. We originally had a long weekend to visit our friends in Temecula and see the Pink Martini’s. We did not know back in January how perfect the timing would be for a long weekend in Temecula. The Pink Martini’s were incredible! If you have never heard them, look them up. They are an 11 piece band and the singer has an incredible voice. We are heading back to the bay today. It has been a good break.

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  1. PjS Says:

    Thanks for the update on the blog. I really hope that the job searching goes well and quickly. My students are having more trouble than normal finding positions. A lot of companies in Boston are downsizing and the research positions in hospitals- dependent on federal grants- are in shorter supply too.

  2. Pete Says:

    It’s good to hear what’s going on with you guys. Of course I’m sad to hear about Scott’s job. I’m pretty happy to be employed at all right now. As the semester comes to a close here, 2 people in our department won’t be returning next fall. On the bright side, all the investment in science by our current president should start paying off any day now (

  3. Liz Says:

    Good luck to Scott– How frustrating, I am sure.

    As for the Pink Martinis… I went to college with Thomas Lauderdale. He probably doesn’t remember me, but I remember him! A great talent then and now. It is cool to see some of those artists I knew making a living doing what they love.

    Take good care– and hope to see you soon.
    Love, Liz

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