The Kristinka Mobile

The last time I drove our Ford Explorer I was coming home from our friends vineyard (pics in last post) and was driving in the left lane of 101 at 80mph when the engine died. I had managed to pull it over 4 lanes and onto an exit ramp before stopping. It would not restart, and I was stranded there for 1.5 hours (Scott was in Copenhagen). A really nice CHP officer had a great talk about music after he commented about my Tool shirt before my tow truck arrived. After we towed it to the shop, which was closed making me stranded but a hour from home, the driver got it off the truck and tried the engine again. It started right up! I was able to make it home ok. This is the second time this has happened, and we had already spent $1600 supposedly fixing the problem. We will get it back this morning, hopefully fixed, for our camping trip this weekend.

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  1. PjS Says:

    You have worse luck with cars than anyone I know. I am glad you were safe.
    Enjoy your trip this weekend and post some pics.

  2. Pete Says:

    Ugh! That sucks. What did they say they “fixed” the first time? I hope their repairs are still under warranty, because that is ridiculous. It’s probably something stupid like a bad gas filter and they are stealing your money. Or maybe some kind of vapor lock that relieves itself when the engine cools.

    On another Ford note: A while ago (more than 2 years ago), I noticed that out here the only people driving the mustang anymore are women. Lee and Nine tried to convince me that that wasn’t true, but since I made that pronouncement I’ve been looking very carefully and, I think, unbiasedly and I still think it’s true. Is it that way out by you guys?

  3. Tam Says:

    Do you remember Mom’s Explorer having the same issues and they spent tons of money fixing it and it never was fixed because Ford didn’t know what caused it to stop running spontaneously? Hmmmmmm I’m seeing a trend here.

  4. Roger Says:

    Pete, the only people driving Mustangs are the Hispanics and tourist renting them.

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